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Soundtrack – Star Trek (50th Anniversary)


Artista: Soundtrack (Varios Artistas)
Titulo: Star Trek (50th Anniversary)
Formato: 2 Discos
Estado: Nuevo/Sellado

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Soundtrack (Varios Artistas) – Star Trek (50th Anniversary)


The Original Series
A1 Star Trek – Original Series Main Title
A2 The Cage – Vena’s Dance
A3 The Naked Time – Trailer
A4 Shore Leave – Ruth
A5 Theme From Star Trek – Lounge Mix
A6 Suite From The Trouble With Tribbles
A7 Star Trek – End Title
The Next Generation
B1 Star Trek: The Next Generation – Main Title
B2 Encounter At Farpoint – Stardate
B3 Suite From Tin Man
B4 Departure – Main Title Version #2 (Alternate Main Title)
B5 The Best Of Both Worlds – Borg Take Picard
B6 Theme From The Inner Light
B7 A Fistful Of Datas
B8 Star Trek: The Next Generation – End Credit
Deep Space Nine
C1 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Main Title
C2 The Emissary – Cucumbers in Space
C3 The Emissary – The Sisko Kid
C4 Suite From Way Of The Warrior – Yo!
C5 Suite From The Visitor – Rainy Night
C6 Suite From The Visitor – One Last Visit
C7 «Fever» From His Way – Performed By Nana Visitor
C8 Theme From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Season 4
D1 Star Trek: Voyager – Main Title
D2 Caretaker – Prologue
D3 The Caretaker’s Hoedown
D4 Suite From Heroes And Demons – Last Hope
D5 Suite From Heroes And Demons – Dr. Schweitzer
D6 Suite From Bride Of Chaotica – Begin Chapter 18/1 Present… Arachnia
D7 Star Trek: Voyager – End Credit


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