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Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day (Deluxe Edition)


Artista: Led Zeppelin
Titulo: Celebration Day
Formato: 2 CD + 2 DVD ; Deluxe Edition ; Box Set ; En Vivo
Estado: Nuevo/Sellado


Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day


CD1-1 Good Times Bad Times
CD1-2 Ramble On
CD1-3 Black Dog
CD1-4 In My Time Of Dying
CD1-5 For Your Life
CD1-6 Trampled Under Foot
CD1-7 Nobody’s Fault But Mine
CD1-8 No Quarter
CD2-1 Since I’ve Been Loving You
CD2-2 Dazed And Confused
CD2-3 Stairway To Heaven
CD2-4 The Song Remains The Same
CD2-5 Misty Mountain Hop
CD2-6 Kashmir
CD2-7 Whole Lotta Love
CD2-8 Rock And Roll
DVD1-1 Good Times Bad Times
DVD1-2 Ramble On
DVD1-3 Black Dog
DVD1-4 In My Time Of Dying
DVD1-5 For Your Life
DVD1-6 Trampled Under Foot
DVD1-7 Nobody’s Fault But Mine
DVD1-8 No Quarter
DVD1-9 Since I’ve Been Loving You
DVD1-10 Dazed And Confused
DVD1-11 Stairway To Heaven
DVD1-12 The Song Remains The Same
DVD1-13 Misty Mountain Hop
DVD1-14 Kashmir
DVD1-15 Whole Lotta Love
DVD1-16 Rock And Roll
DVD2 Bonus DVD


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